Brain is fried and scrambled to a mush

I so badly want to share all the details from my first solo lesson with you guys, but I’m beat. Like, I-can-hardly-move beat. Like, my feet hurt and my eyes burn and my brain is too confused to process what I’ve been doing to it this week just yet.

Let’s just say: If something COULD have gone wrong today, it did. My students couldn’t hear my video focus task on the loudest volume available, so I scratched the clip and summarized the function/point myself.

My set-the-scene activity almost exactly paralleled the teacher’s before me so I had to switch it up at the very last second to avoid boring them out the door. The worksheets weren’t two-sided like I thought.

I somehow flipped the wrong way in my lesson plan and skipped a whole section of pertinent practice. My students asked me to please, please speak slower yet again…even though I thought I was speaking slower.

But you know what else?

Despite feeling like a total train wreck, my trainer-observer said I kept my game face on the entire time. My set-the-scene switch up actually worked well. It engaged the students and they came up with awesome answers.

Worksheets were promptly passed out. I looped back in my lesson plan at an appropriate spot to cover the lost material and no one even noticed except for me (and my trainer, who said it happens!). And I finished my lesson precisely on time without the need for any extension tasks. The best part? My students grasped the concept by the lesson’s end. DANCEY EMOJI HERE.

My timing wasn’t perfect. Some portions of my lesson could’ve been completed in less time. I could have used simpler speech when dictating instructions. I could have gestured and modeled examples more.

But guess what?

I’m here. I did it. I survived. No tears. Not as much shaking (which no one sees, apparently, but I sure feel!!) this time around. I’m starting to get the hang of things ever so slowly and it’s a really cool feeling.

Because you know I had only been in the country for 24 hours last week at this time, right? How crazy is it to move forward SO MUCH this quickly after SO LONG of feeling disenchanted professionally?!

This is what I needed.

The road ahead is surely uphill with lots of detours and unrecognizable signs, but I’m up for it.

And, before I pass out, here’s one more kind-of cool thing:

After drilling my trainer with about a thousand questions in a row post-lesson, I realized I should share that I used to work in journalism/PR/marketing and thus question everything. My trainer aptly pointed out that there are plenty of expat writing publications in Prague that need help from native English speakers, so maybe I don’t need to completely ditch my former dream after all.

Okay I can’t even think of some fancy way to end this post. Zzzz. G’night all. Come visit? Miss you guys!