Sleep, coffee, lesson plans

Last night I dreamt of lesson plans and concept checks. Today I didn’t eat a THING until nearly 7 p.m. unless you count coffee as a meal. In which case, I ate a TON.

But seriously. I’ve been exhausted to the point of delusional since the course began with a few breaks every now and again. I didn’t think there’d be SO much density to the course. Constant talking, thinking, moving, VERB-ING.

My whole life has revolved around scripting words for the past five years but I never really thought about how I was forming sentences before now. Form, function, label, what the what? Infinitive verbs, sentence stress, phonemes, comparative adjectives, pure vowels, present perfect simple, stem elicit, phrasal verbs, I CAN’T KEEP UP. I’m presently in a continuous state of perfect CHAOS.

Today I taught upper intermediate students for the first time. My observer deemed it a “successful” lesson, aka, I passed again. Woo-hoo!

Beforehand, I panicked about this lesson more than any other. You see, my goal is to teach Business English to fancy folks at the big companies. I feel like I could see myself doing that by combining these new skills with my past background in corporate environments.

I probably stressed myself out too much about the lesson. Fortunately it turned out to be generally a positive experience. There were plenty of “a-hah!” moments, which I LOVE. Helping people form words into understandable phrases has always been one of my favorite pastimes and it’d be cool to make $$$ for it too.

I’ll hopefully have my official certificate in a little over a week. Only a few things separate me from graduation:

  • A 20-page analysis. Due Monday.
  • One private lesson.
  • Three more class lessons. Two of which need to be “successful.” Scheduled for Friday, next Wednesday, next Friday.
  • Another grammar presentation. It must be “successful.” Next Wednesday.
  • Passing the Language Awareness Test. Next Thursday.
  • Perfect attendance. Seven more coursework days. No sickness, pls.

I’ll need to figure out where to live in the near future. I’ll also need to find a place to work. And hire visa helpers. And plan my next trip. And snag a local phone. And open a local bank account…

Okay brb just busy freaking out. NBD. See ya guys on the other side. Or the next time I decide to post.