So close, so far

Being constantly on the go and working for the past few weeks culminated in a killer headache and inability to function for a long while earlier today. I had worked straight through yesterday on my “big” assignment (20-page analysis of an hour long conversation with a Czech speaker learning English). Despite how much time I’ve put into this monster, I still have a HUGE chunk of it left to go. Wish me luck.

I had put in a request for an Airbnb property that looked ideal yesterday, but the deadline for the host’s response is coming up in an hour and she hasn’t acknowledged me yet. I assume this means I need to keep looking.

At this point, I’ve done a lot of soul searching and, after a conversation with one of my trainers on Friday, I’ve determined that I’ll likely only stay in Prague until Christmastime. I will try to find short-term work in the meantime while using Prague as my home base to travel around Europe. I’ll then fly home to Philly in early December, stay for a couple weeks, and then….

Well. Then I may go to South Korea.

This is a life path I never thought I’d follow…even in the last couple weeks when people asked if I’d consider Asia, I’d say “no!”

But I need to be realistic about my finances and future goals. It makes sense to go to a place where rent would be nonexistent, my plane ticket would be paid for, and I’d make a livable wage. I could pay off a large chunk of my debt by being in South Korea for a year or two….and then could return to Prague if it feels right. I’d only be 28 years old in two years, after all, and there’s really no need for me to “settle down” in one specific place right now.

It’s likely I’ll change my mind about a thousand more times, but I’ll at least be in Prague for two more months. I’m looking forward to being done with the course and moving down the hill.