14947883_10154735193509540_5972684615684254468_nThanks for visiting my blog! If we haven’t met already: Hi, I’m Kathleen. I graduated from Rowan University’s Journalism program back in Dec. 2011 and ventured onto a few different paths in the communications world before weaving my way to financial services.

I’ve worked as a community newspaper reporter, a healthcare PR writer, and a small-biz website copywriter for US clients. In that last post, I was tasked with writing appealing content across industries.

And since I’m such a big fan of putting words together into coherent thoughts, I also achieved a personal dream of mine by earning my TEFL [Teach English as a Foreign Language] certificate through a super intense yet really cool accredited school in Prague, Czech Republic. I graduated in Oct. 2016 and now can teach English anywhere in the world…including via the Internet!

In my free time, I like to travel, write restaurant/book/any business or object reviews, read as much as my brain will allow, learn about craft beer, take long walks while listening to emo/hardcore music, and sleep.

I’ve been to 20 countries thus far. Don’t ask me for my “favorite country” or “favorite city” or “favorite food” unless you’re ready to hunker down and listen for a while. Who can seriously pick one?? Not I. Although Italy (Um, the whole country), Austria (Vienna!), and Scotland (Edinburgh!!) will probably come to mind first. I also have a strong affinity for hot dogs, cheese, chicken salad, bacon, and pie.


Email: kmduffy90@gmail.com