Work Samples

Curious to see a sampling of what I’ve produced in the past? Here you have it — listed off by the most-recent employer.

Elite Daily:

6 Realizations You’ll Have When You Return Home After Living Abroad


Skarbo Chiropractic – Port Huron, MI

CM The Destroyer – South Bend, IN

Electrolysis Laser and Esthetics – Locust Valley, NY

*Please note that clients may have altered copy since websites went live. I created the original blocks of texts for the above listed small businesses.

Thought Catalog:

7 Bits Of Bathroom Etiquette Any Adult Who Uses Public Restrooms On The Reg Will Appreciate

5 Types Of Drivers Who Get On Everybody’s Nerves

What 6 Months Of Unemployment Feels Like

Temple University Health System:

August 2014’s Temple Talk (Employee Newsletter)

May 2014’s Temple Talk (Employee Newsletter)

June/July 2013’s Satellite News (Employee Newsletter)

Elauwit Media (The Sun newspapers):

Dry and windy conditions spark wildfires

‘His spirit will live on here forever’

Monks share message of peace


Blinded by the light? Migraines ‘a quality of life issue’ **Also picked up by USA Today and newspapers across the country in Nov. 2011.

Smokers extinguish a mindset

Gloucester’s vineyards foster a passion for local wines


Quiet Car Coming to PATCO

New amenities possible on Wildwood beaches

Park for special needs children to break ground in Delran