Weekend extension, please

I’m often paralyzed by indecision. Like, for one: Why did it take me six years to enroll in this ridiculously incredible certification course?

Now that I’m here, my mind is in a million places all at once…all the time. Should I stay here after the course? Should I try to move to Italy or Austria? How should I budget with crowns? Will I be able to teach at a language school, snag private students, *and* freelance for local publications…while also traveling around Europe whenever possible?


But seriously. This is basic shit I need to figure out for my sanity’s sake.

Aside from the constant pro-con list going on inside my head, this weekend has been awesome. On Friday night, one of my roommates and I decided to wander around the city. It was so fun to head to the center after being cooped up with our notebooks and lesson plans for a week.

We got to see Prague Castle from afar at night (GAH SO BEAUTIFUL), the Lennon Wall (who needs daylight for photo ops??), the Charles Bridge, and even had beers (NOT. A. PILSNER!) at the John Lennon Pub before turning in fairly early because we were tiiiiired.

I realize what I just said sounds so “touristy,” but whatever. If I’m going to stay here (if!!), I can’t just overlook places because they’re havens for travelers. That’s silly and pretentious.

Yesterday was another struggle. Despite indulging in 12 hours of sweet, sweet sleep, I found it hard to actually get moving. It took a half day “lie in” to convince myself to do something productive. Fortunately, we all seemed to be in that same boat…and several of us didn’t even meet up for plans til late afternoon.

Once we were out and about, we took the metro across the river and checked out insanely gorgeous gardens at the base of Prague Castle. Yes, there were a ton of steps. But who cares? The VIEWS alone were worth the 60kc admission price. Holy wow. Thank you for existing, Mr. Selfie Stick.

Our group then hopped on the tram and headed for a PAYG wine festival at Prague Castle. It was so busy when we got there despite the impending storm. Within like half an hour, the skies opened and we basically built an umbrella fort. We only stayed for a couple bottles of wine before moving along…to the John Lennon Pub again.

Yeah, oh well. I really like that place and they have a bunch of bottled British beers available. I had English bitters both nights and it made me so happy.

Later on, we went to an Absintherie and snagged a full corner for our group. I had two absinthe-infused cocktails — a raspberry bramble and a berry — and really enjoyed them both. No heavy licorice taste or anything! Nice.

They closed at 11:00 PM, so we moved along to a club. I danced. It was weird. It may not happen again.

Today was super low-key. I got up understandably late and went downtown with my roommate to H&M, Tiger, and the big Marks & Spencer. I had never heard of Marks & Spencer before this move, but they’re basically my life line here so far! I love their food. It’s delicious. They also have apparel but I haven’t looked at that yet.

Tiger is a cool store my roommate knew about. It’s like a refined HomeGoods, I think. With a random assortment of fun items you didn’t know you needed but must buy. I finally grabbed a reusable water bottle there! So relieved to have that now.

Tonight, we had a family dinner in our 4-person apartment. One of our sweet roommates told us to expect tacos and she went all out with delicious ingredients. It was such a nice bonding time…and I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve sat at a dinner table with other humans. It was nice.

Now I’m back to doing school work. The next three weeks are sure to be hectic yet fulfilling!

Stay in Prague? Yeah, probably will. We’ll see.