Breathing Above Water

A break.

Just when I thought that I was going to suffocate under the weight, a crack opened and air cycled in.

For months, I’ve been talking about the sensation of breathing underwater. And also the Metric song. Good song. I’ve felt trapped and invisible. At first, I tried to make eye contact with passers-by and would be met with empty gazes. In the end, I gave up and accepted the cloak of invisibility — walking in, sitting down, staring at the screen, leaving hours later largely unnoticed.

But now I’ve been transferred to a new team across the floor. And as of Monday, I’ll start a new role that’s much more up my alley. (RE: NO MORE LONG ASS CALLS.)

I’ll be back to my FT passion… in a collaborative, open, friendly atmosphere.

Tonight, a group said “bye” to me as they left. I’m not sure that they all know my name just yet, but I know they will.

And that’s a fucking beautiful thing.

I guess that cliche about not being given more than you can handle is true after all. Right when you think you can’t deal, the tide will change.