DC, Denver, Dublin, PRAGUE

My overwhelming wanderlust has spilled over. If I had to spend one more day sitting in a drab cube or zoning out in miserable traffic, I was going to lose my mind. And I mean that.

I wasn’t wired to sit in silence for hours or stay in one place for years. A few weeks back, I hit my breaking point and decided it was time to set my eyes on a TEFL certification course in Prague — for real. Not just talk. Not just some Plan B for saying ttyl to my current lifestyle.

It took days to receive an acceptance, pay my tuition, and reserve my housing.

With that said, pretty soon my website will switch gears. Instead of “wondering what the next step will be” in blog posts, I’m deciding it for myself.

I will see the world. For at least a year. Maybe two. Maybe more? No 5-year plan here! Yolo and stuff.

Right now I’m in the process of saying my goodbyes to friends and family. I’ll be visiting a friend in DC Aug. 19-21, another friend in Denver Aug. 26-29, and jet-setting off to Ireland for a week-long trip on Aug. 30.

And as of Sept. 7, I’ll be in Prague. Since I’m already paying for this domain, I see no reason to make some special travel blog like The Switzerland Semester. Let’s keep in touch!