How to contact me

So I’m on another continent and turning cellular off on my phone. A travel pass gets expensive fast. I haven’t actually decided if I’m staying in the Czech Republic after the course — we will see — so I haven’t purchased a local sim card or anything yet.

In the meantime, here’s how you can contact me:

-On iMessage when I’m on wifi. I think. I’m pretty sure this is accurate. I have not tested it yet.

-WhatsApp. Also my usual contact number, I think. I also have not tested this yet. Maybe I should have waited to create this blog post. Oh, well. Too far gone now.

-Facebook Messenger. For those of you who are my Facebook friends.

-Here! I’ll reply to any and all comments.


-Yelp. It’s a bit harder for me to use it here since I’m still obviously adjusting to the language, but I’ll try to stay active.

-Gmail: It’s Feel free to send me freelance copywriting assignments. I’m pretty broke and can still submit remotely.

School starts in the morning. This will be weird! It’s been nearly five whole years since I last sat in a classroom. Whew, I feel OLD.