Brain is overflowing and it’s only day one

Aside from a couple stints as a guest speaker a while back, I hadn’t been in a classroom for nearly five years until 12 hours ago. It was pretty nerve-racking trying to get back in the groove of student life. I’m not there yet, but I’m hopeful it will get easier in time.

So especially after a month of mostly traveling and fun, it was a tough adjustment to jump into hard schoolwork. Today was long and seemingly never-ending. I still have work to finish but I just want to sleep. I may get up early and/or work through lunch. I teach my first duo-lesson tomorrow. I was assigned the second part of the lesson my teammate and I wrote up this afternoon, so we’ll so how this goes.

Today we learned some basic Czech (dobry den!), got an intro to the course, and learned some basic TEFL principles, among other topics. It was interesting and a good base for sure. These next four weeks are sure to be stressful and intense, so please don’t get grumbly if I take a long time to reply to your messages.

Right now, four out of my five bedroom overhead lights are out. I reported it on Friday but I’ve learned that Czech folks are overall very slow. Customer service is often nothing to write home about, so I’m not surprised to still have hardly any light. It makes it hard to work from home. Crossing my fingers it gets fixed soon!


Okay. “Silent” hours here begin in ~20 minutes, so I’m going to try to catch some zzz’s. Believe it or not, my internal clock is still screwed up. I think I’ll be able to sleep tonight though!!