So close, so far

Being constantly on the go and working for the past few weeks culminated in a killer headache and inability to function for a long while earlier today. I had worked straight through yesterday on my "big" assignment (20-page analysis of an hour long conversation with a Czech speaker learning English). Despite how much time I've …

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Sleep, coffee, lesson plans

Last night I dreamt of lesson plans and concept checks. Today I didn't eat a THING until nearly 7 p.m. unless you count coffee as a meal. In which case, I ate a TON. But seriously. I've been exhausted to the point of delusional since the course began with a few breaks every now and again. …

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Happy fall!

Summer transformed into fall overnight this past weekend. I went from feeling like a disgusting excuse of an overheated human to an ice cube. It's safe to say I'll be incessantly cold until April. It's just how it is every year without fail. This week has had its share of highs and lows. I had …

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